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Mickledore’s holiday booking system gets customised calendar to manage seasonal peaks

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Long standing SYPO client Mickledore Walking Holidays has recently added a new customised calendar to its existing booking system.

Previously, staff had been using a shared MS Outlook calendar to record and highlight future dates when specific route locations would have limited accommodation.

For example, Whitby is a stop-off on the Coast to Coast Path, and also has a number of annual festivals that take place throughout the year.  When a festival takes place, the town receives an influx of visitors, resulting in peak accommodation bookings for local hotels, B&Bs and guest houses.

Limited functionality, a reliance on regular manual updates and running separately to the booking system, the Outlook calendar wasn’t an ideal solution for day-to-day operations. As their business has grown and they have added new routes (including the Fife Coastal Path and the Ilse of Wight Coastal Path in 2019), Mickledore’s team have found it to be more and more unwieldly.

In June 2019 Mickledore asked SYPO to develop a bespoke calendar system which would allow them to manage date-based information about routes and locations in a more useful way. They wanted to record more information in a structured way, then to filter it according to walking route and date, making it a really useful tool for their staff when selling and booking holidays.

SYPO has responded by creating a private web-based calendar system, integrated into the existing Mickledore bookings database. This allows the Mickledore team to store information about problems or events on their walking routes, and to view that information using flexible filters. The date-based information is linked to Route information in the Mickledore database, allowing it to be seen and updated wherever required during the sales and booking process. This makes it easier for staff to plan alternatives for their clients wishing to book a walking holiday.

The Mickledore team, led by Rick, Lynne and Tara, are delighted with the system, which represents a huge improvement over the Outlook calendar.

SYPO’s CEO Alan Jewitt says:

“We are just as pleased as our clients with this system. It’s a really good use of some open-source technology, integrated into a Microsoft SQL Server database. We can see a number of ways to develop this system further to help Mickledore’s sales, operations and marketing.”


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