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Kendal computer ace solves iPhone charging problem

Posted on 20th July, 2016

A Kendal computer ace has solved a universal iPhone problem with what looks like the world’s most low-tech and least sophisticated solution.

In the technical world of glitches and fixes, of patches and troublesome apps, businessman Alan Jewitt found the answer when his smartphone stopped charging.

He unblocked the fluff-filled charge aperture with a whittled wooden kebab skewer.


Alan, who is managing director of the web development and e-commerce company SYPO, was baffled when the phone he inherited from his son refused to charge.

He was on the point of buying a new charger – and throwing the phone out of the window – when it occurred to him that the problem might be a simple one. He said:

Like most men, I keep my phone in my pocket, and the port hole had got blocked up with fluff and dust.

He realised, during a family barbecue in the garden of his Kendal home, that he was holding a possible solution in his hands.

It just took a bit of whittling to create a point small enough to use,

he said, proudly holding the sharpened kebab stick.

Alan, whose team helps businesses large and small to develop finely tuned systems and effective web sites, joked that he might patent the device.

It could save so many people a lot of money. How many phones have been discarded because it was thought they had stopped working?

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