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Selling to Savvy Shoppers Online

Posted on 10th March, 2017

There’s not a shadow of doubt that the internet has transformed the way we shop.  While good High Streets will always have their place, and retail parks appear to be replacing churches as the Sunday venue of choice, online sales show no sign of slowing down.


This is the way that people want to shop now. They want to browse and buy, on an ever-growing scale, compared with 20 or 30 years ago. Remember catalogue shopping? That’s what used to keep the delivery firms in business.

Now delivery is very big business indeed. And while this is not the place to argue for better pay and conditions for drivers (there are good employers out there alongside the more exploitative) we have to recognise that expectations are high.

Online shoppers are prepared to pay extra for same day or next day delivery. The big high street chains all embrace online shopping alongside the traditional, and they are the ones leading the way in customer service and satisfaction.

Small retailers can have their share of this; and in the online world, small can indeed be beautiful. Exclusive lines, and specialist lines, can be found online whether you’re looking to buy a pair of socks or a roof rack that will carry your skis and your snowboard.

So retailers who have been reticent about joining in the online fray need to act. There is no turning the clock back.  In spite of the proliferation of period drama on TV (from medieval to early-midwifery) the 21st century shoppers expects a clean,  well designed website, an easy and secure payment system, and the promise of rapid delivery.

If they are offered a better, richer, easier, more engaging online experience when buying “stuff”, they will be back for more. And they will be back with those positive comments which mean a great deal now. A web development provider who walks the walk, who actually sells online and knows first-hand the pitfalls and anticipates any problems is the saviour for online business. Talk to us. We do know what we’re talking about.

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