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Who owns your website?

Posted on 14th May, 2019

Who owns your website

Suppose you buy a house and then hire a builder to upgrade and develop your property. Once the work is completed and you've lived there for a while, you decide to sell your house.

At this point, the builder turns up and despite having been paid for their work on your house, they demand a percentage of the sale price.

Sounds crazy, right? Yet many businesses have fallen foul of this when buying and developing their website. They'll pay an agency or developer to create and customise their website, only to find out when they want to move it or sell the business that they don't actually own it.

At this point, it's useful to understand the difference between your website domain and your website. Sticking with the house metaphor, your website domain is the equivalent of your home address – it is not the property itself. Your website is your house, the build and all the contents.

Not sure who owns your domain or website? Don't panic. The first thing to do is ask the agency or developer who set it up. If for whatever reason you can't get hold of them, it's not the end of the world. Providing you've got access to the site's administration system (i.e. a key to enter the property), there is the potential to create a copy of the website and move it to a new location or hosting service.

At SYPO we like to keep things fair and simple, which is why once you've paid for your website and any development work on it, you own it – lock and stock. And should you wish to sell or take your website somewhere else, we'll package it up for you ready to transfer.

For more information on a fairer way to develop your website, get in contact with one of our team.

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